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Summaries of Acts Signed into Law

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1993 - Present

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Periodically during each legislative session of the General Assembly, as measures are considered and passed by both chambers, the staff of the Local Government Commission timely prepares and distributes a "Summary of Acts and Miscellaneous Actions" to the Members of the General Assembly. Summaries from 1993 to the present are available through this webpage.

Please be advised, however, that the summaries are for information purposes only. They are not an official compilation or restatement of the complete contents of the acts or actions summarized. Nothing in the list should be construed as a legal opinion concerning the content or meaning of the acts or actions. Should questions arise regarding the content or meaning of summaries, we advocate making reference to the official act text and seeking the advice of legal counsel.

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Reading the Summaries

The Summaries contain links to the bill history, bill text and act text for each act.

Directly under Bill No. is a link to the bill history. Under Printer's No. is a link to the text of the version of the bill that was enacted. Finally, under Act is a link to the text of the act. An example is as follows.

Date Bill No. Printer's No. Session Act Type
July 8, 2015 SB 285 PN 163 Regular Session 18 Act
Amends Title 75 (Vehicles) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes by adding as a source of revenue for the Veterans' Trust Fund specified proceeds from the sale of the "Honoring our Veterans" special motorcycle registration plate.

*Miscellaneous Actions may include Joint Resolutions (proposed amendments to the Pennsylvania Constitution), Vetoes, House or Senate concurrent resolutions, etc. The summary will identify the action executed.